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The CORE personalized sales experience is fun and exciting and sets the stage for years of comfort, adventure, and memory making.

Your adventure begins by creating the look, style, and feel of your customized coach.  Engage our sales professionals to help you craft your vision and bring it to life.

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Bold and Creative or Sleek and Subtle?  What is the exterior look and feel you want to create?

The composite panel shell provides the ideal canvas for vinyl graphic installations.  We can design and install custom full body wraps or simple elegant touches to add color, shape, and flow to your coach.

We offer several premium fiberglass colors and finishes to choose from.  Mix and match to create a simple and sharp design or to create the right background for your graphic installation.

Step 1:  Exterior Fiberglass Colors

Arctic White


Elder White


Storm Grey


Tundra Night Charcoal


Carbon Black


Deep Sea Blue


Solar Orange


Example Graphic Designs:


The real fun starts with interior selections.  The colors, textures, and finishes set the mood and style of your one off coach.

Step 2:  Interior Flooring

Two options are available for the flooring style and color.  Both provide a textured finish that are non-skid whether wet or dry.  The interior surface of the ramp door is also selectable from these two options:

Brown Woodgrain

Black Stucco

Step 3:  Interior Walls

The interior wall color can be chosen from any of our premium fiberglass colors.  However, we do commonly recommend the two colors below.  One option to consider is selecting a different color for the bathroom walls and/or bedroom divide wall to add a splash of color and style.

Elder White


Tundra Night Charcoal


Step 4:  Cabinetry

There is nothing more defining in your coach than your cabinetry.  The options are endless when looking at colors, patterns, and combinations of these.  Our standard offerings are shown below but we can work with you on the hundreds of other options that are available to get you exactly what you are looking for.  Keep in mind that you have the ability to make seperate selections for your base and upper cabinetry. 





Stone Grey

Snow White

Step 5:  Shower Surround & Backsplash

Adding character through your shower surround and kitchen backsplash adds beauty and elegance to your coach.  Our standard offerings are below but again, we can work with you looking through all the sample chips to get the pattern and color you are envisioning. 

Paladina Marble White

Pompei Storm

Step 6:  Countertops

There is an elegance found in solid surface countertops and that is all we use at CORE RV.  The performance and durability is unmatched.  You can seek comfort knowing that the days of warped and rotted countertops are behind you.  We offer three distinct colors and patterns:


Steel Concrete

Matte Black

Step 7:  Furniture

Beautiful and durable soft-touch furniture creates an inviting and comfortable place to relax.  Several color options exist to complete your design while complementing all the decisions made in the previous steps.  All options are of the same high-quality, easy to clean, and long lasting materials that you deserve.








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